Terms of use.

1. Foreword
CDCLICK, the CD DVD and Blu-Ray printing and duplicatio service owned by CD CLICK srl, offers its customers the opportunity, through the web portal wall.cdclick-europe.com, to share and distribute in advance their CD Audio and other multimedia production.

2. Subject
These General Terms refer to the rules applicable to the products and services provided by CDCLICK. CD CLICK srl, now referred to as CDCLICK, is the company with legal headquarters Via Degli Olmetti 39F, 00060 Formello (RM), and is the owner of the CDCLICK brand.

3. Definitions
"Site" means this wall.cdclick-europe.com site owned exclusively by CD CLICK srl.
"Company" CD CLICK srl., owner of the CDCLICK brand.
"Author" is the user who creates, publishes and, eventually, sells his / her project on this site.
"Project" means the product published within the site.
"End User" represents the user of the site, including the one who, by browsing the site, proceeds with the purchase of one of the products presented.
"Preorder" is the procedure whereby the author of a project sells his or her product before the latter is actually produced.

4. Description of the service
CD CLICK srl offers, through the Site, the possibility for Authors to distribute music CDs or multimedia products. The amount obtained from the pre-sale will be used to cover (partial or total) production costs. The Author undertakes, within the specified time, to commit to CDCLICK the production of a minimum quantity of media equal to the quantity of products sold through the Site. The production must be ordered in accordance with the terms and conditions of use for the media duplication offered by CDCLICK and available at www.cdclick-europe.com/terms_conditions.aspx

5. Inserting an Order
To enter a purchase order, the Final User must provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information, through the appropriate form. He will receive all the necessary information for completing the operation. It is under the User responibility to promptly notify the Company of any change in the delivery or in his e-mail address.

6. Payment
Payment can only be made through PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer in advance. No payment by cash, check or bank check is allowed.

7. Shipment
For each pre-sales product, the expected shipment date is indicated in the web page. This date follows the expected production start date for the number of days required to complete the production, which may vary according to the nature of the project and is defined by the terms of sale of CDCLICK. The products will be sent to the address indicated by the End User in the order form. Shipment may be done by postal service or express courier. The Company is not responsible for any delivery failure due to incorrect address.

8. Pre-delivery time
The pre-sale ends at the production start date. From that date, the purchase option through the Site will be deactivated.

9. Packaging
The perfect condition of the packing must be verified by the Customer prior to acceptance of the withdrawal. Any complaints must be made immediately to the courier by the Customer by placing the word "with reservation" on the document delivered to the courier, and the same Customer will notify the Company of the nature of the complaint by fax or email.

10. Accepting orders
The Company reserves the right to accept or refuse orders at the time of receipt.

11. Customer master data
The Final User declares under his / her responsibility that all the information communicated at the time of placing the order is accurate, and he is obliged to promptly notify any changes.

12. Privacy
The collected personal data will be used only to conclude the sales contract between the Company and the Final User. You have the right to request cancellation at any time by sending an email to: privacy@cdclick-europe.com. The full privacy statement is available by clicking on this link: Privacy Policy

13. Intellectual Property Rights
The Author ensures that the content that he publishes through the Site does not violate third party rights of any kind, including, and without limitation, those related to intellectual property, advertising and privacy. The Author acknowledges to all Users and to the Company the opportunity to publish, share on social networks and distribute to third parties the Project's web page and its contents.

14. Indemnifies The Author declares that he is the owner of all the rights for economic use and distribution of the Project's content in accordance to the national and international copyright laws, with reference to publishers, artists, interpreters and performers, literary rights, recording companies, intellectual property for software, phonograms, videograms, audiovisuals, videos, and of any other right, none excluded, of any person, entity or company necessary for the conclusion of this contract. In any case, wanting to maintain and assure the Company with respect to any action that should be made by third parties to the same with respect to the legitimacy of printing, dubbing and reproduction on CDs, DVDs, BLU-RAYs or CD-CARDs of works that the Customer will commission the Company and / or any other work regulated by these General Sale Conditions.

15. Exclusive jurisdiction
For each dispute, the Forum of Rome is elected.

16. General provisions
These conditions replace all those, oral and / or written, as previously agreed between the parties.