It's a long way to Alpha
Cats from Alpha
Formed in 2011, Cats from Alpha is a collective whose sound combines styles ranging from Beatles-influenced Psychedelia to Grunge, Alternative Rock, American Folk, and Experimental music. Comprised of musicians from around the globe, their unique mix of vintage gear, mad sounds, and lyrics that deal with the struggle of understanding life on this planet creates a melancholic yet powerful mood. Cats from Alpha released two EPs, "Last man on earth" in 2011 and "Last summer of youth" in 2015, and two full length albums "Cats have landed!" in 2013 and “It’s a long way to Alpha” in 2023. A solo album by lead singer G, a place with no Facebook, was released in 2018, under the name “a cat from Alpha”.
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It's a long way to Alpha
Cats from Alpha

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